World Plane Charm Necklace

World Plane Charm Necklace

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(Part of the Travel Plane Collection)

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  •  Alloy-Metal- Bracelet 
  •  Link Chain
  • Colors: Gold, Black & Silver 
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Being away from home makes you more conscious. When you’re at home, each day is so similar that you can navigate most of it via autopilot, without much conscious thought. From the moment we wake up, most of our decisions have been made already. We want you to turn off autopilot, we want you to explore and travel more options within your life, not just to different places, but into different parts of yourself, how you treat others, how you treat yourself, how your current environment is treating YOU, if it’s not what you’re asking for maybe you need a little trip 🏝💼🕶👙, And this charm is a perfect reminder to keep on doing this, to travel and explore things out of your comfort zone, not be held down by any ideas and remind yourself you can travel if you really need to :) literally AND within yourself!