Golden Globe 4pc/Charm Set
Golden Globe 4pc/Charm Set

Golden Globe 4pc/Charm Set

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  • Alloy-Shell- Link-Bead- Bracelet 
  • Link Chain
  • Color: Silver
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About this:

Part of the Golden Globe collection. This piece comes in a 4 set bundle with all parts separate, they can be worn interchangeably and add a whole new look to an outfit that didn’t previously have the ziest this set would bring to the table. A Globe logo bracelet is an Awesome gift for both Men and Women, The Globe Charm represents a compassion for Travelers and Humanitarians which makes it the perfect fit for most Charm Collectors! A Globe worn around the wrist is a constant reminder of what you can do for those around you, this planet, and the world around you, add this to your cart now! Or learn more about our collections by browsing through our online store!